Upcoming Events

For more information on any of the events including location details, contact onnwis@gmail.com

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December 2022

December 2nd: Moms & Tots: Secret Santa

December 13th: ONN Mingle: Splash Martini Bar - White Elephant Christmas Party

December 17th: Couples Club

December 19th: Movie Club: TBD

December 20th: Book Club: "The Last Lecture"

December 21st: Bunco Babes

November 2022

November 2nd: Yoga Nedra & Art

November 3rd: Foodie Club: Friendsgiving (Potluck)

November 8th: ONN Mingle: Fiesta Cancun

November 12th: Couples Club: 1st and Bowl

November 14th: Movie Club: TBD

November 16th: Bunco Babes

November 29th: Book Club: "The Locked Door"

October 2022

October 6th:   Coffee Morning, Fresh Baked

October 11th: ONN Mingle: Weissberger's Golden Mast Inn

October 13:    Go-Getters: Delafield Ladies Night Out

October 15th: Couples Club: Game Show Battle Room

October 18th: Movie Club: TBD

October 19th: Bunco Babes

October 20th: Foodie Club: Delafield Brewhaus - Octoberfest

October 26th: Moms & Tots: Spooktacular Halloween Party

                         Book Club: "Facing the Mountain"

October 28th: Go-Getters: Lapham Peak Fright Night

September 2022

September 8:  Foodie Club:

September 13th ONN Kickoff - The Club at Lac La Belle! Highlighting all of our great sponsors & providing members with a fantastic swag bag!

September 21: Bunco Babes

September 24: Go-Getters: Gourdy's Pumpkin 5k or Run/Walk 

September 25: Family Group: Family Potluck Picnic - Nixon Park

September 26: Movie Club: TBD 

September 27: Book Club: Tabi's -"The Book of Lost Names"

September 28: Go-Getters: Yoga, Faithful Farms

August 9: ONN Mingle: Maison LaBelle

July 12: ONN Mingle - North 48 

June 14: ONN Mingle - Splash Martini

May 10: ONN Mingle - The Club at Lac La Belle

April 12: ONN Mingle - Vino Etcetera

March 8: ONN Mingle - Tabi's / Lake Country

February 8: ONN Mingle - Beer Snobs Ale & Eats

January 11: ONN Mingle - I.d.